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ISO flavor house names, other than Mother Murphy, Sapphire which you've used in the past and had good experiences with.  I'm creating a new flavored vodka and need to request flavor samples.

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All of these guys will supply samples. I've tested well over 100 samples before choosing the ones that met our flavor and aroma profile best. I may have a contact name for each, but you should be ok just to reach out via their websites.  Also, I was able to find out that many of the extracts not specifically on their TTB approved lists do still meet guidelines and may even have TTB approvals. I have found one that I liked best that wasn't on their approval list but the FID sheet did confirm it was approved prior. Just sharing my experience.

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44 minutes ago, lowerylisa1 said:

@TwentySevenBrewing & @Pour Decisions Thank you so much for the suggestions!

Absolutely, we are in Lexington, NC and hope to be open by end of year, keep me posted on how things have worked out. We will eventually be in need of some flavor help.. 

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