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Long-term bulk amaro storage

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Hi guys,


Just wondering if you have any recommendations for large storage containers. I often need to store gallons of finished amaro for long periods before I bottle it, and I feel like a glass wide-mouth carboy is a little fragile. Thoughts?

I do all the creation and aging of the products in 7-gallon PET Fermonsters. Are those good for long-term storage too?

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For small run infusion/storage I would recommend looking at either corny kegs or "topping" keg, "yeast brink" keg that has triclamp ports and no stem (https://www.tcwequipment.com/products/stainless-steel-tri-clamp-kegs?taxon_id=11)

Fustis seem appropriate for amaro production in there own way as well. https://www.gourmetitalian.com/fusti-container-s/181.htm

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