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label applicator for cardboard cartons


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Hey Dave,

No such thing (that I've seen) as a hand held label applicator. The closest thing I can think of is a label dispenser - the unit dispenses one label at a time and when you remove the label that is ready, it spits out and separates from the backing the next label. We are not the manufacturer of this machine but I have only heard positive things about them:


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Looks like an old price gun dispenser. If you had a longer label I guess you could pull the trigger multiple times until it the dispense length was appropriate - unless that is an adjustment I can't see in any of their videos.

It is exactly that - if the label is longer than the specs of the applicator, you squeeze the trigger again.

"Otherwise if volume dictates, investigate a hand held ink jet printer. Perhaps asking GS1US (barcode people) what they would advise."

I need to cover up the existing UPC with the new one, so I need a label.

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