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Discussing with local wastewater treatment plant about effluent disposal

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I am setting up a new distillery, and the local sanitation wastewater treatment plant is concerned about what we will be putting down the drain. I will be making rum, vodka, and gin, all from a molasses base. The dunder will go to local farmers, so the plant operator's concern of high COD and BOD and solids is nothing to worry about there. 

I will be making the vodka/gin from the redistilled tails of the rum run. What I am wondering is, does anyone have the BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) or COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) numbers on effluent from distilled tails? I have tried hard to search for this but can't seem to find any information, and the wastewater plant operator is really concerned about it as he doesn't know anything about spirit production. I am truly confident that it will be safe to process, especially in small volumes compared to what they receive every day, but I would love to have some sources or hard numbers I can give him. 

Thanks for reading!

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