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Allowable Apple Brandy Aging containers under TTB/BAM definition


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We are endeavoring into our first batches of apple brandy this spring and I have been researching our options for aging but would like to be sure we understand the definitions and restrictions as outlined by the TTB. The BAM seems to specify that grape brandy specifically must be "stored in oak containers for a minimum of 2 years," however, it's unclear to me if this is also applicable to the other fruit brandys like apple.  I am looking for some insight on other's knowledge/experience regarding aging apple branding, specifically in alternative vessels. For example, can one still label their aged apple brandy as such if the spirit was aged in a non-oak vessel with the addition of oak staves? 
Additionally, just curious if anyone has utilized finishing casks (ie. used port or bourbon barrels) for their brandy, either for the primary aging process or for finishing?
Thanks for any insight!

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I understand Apple Brandy to not require oak vessel aging or an age statement. Time in a non-oak vessel (barrel) will not count towards an age statement and the usage of staves requires a label disclosure.  

DISCLOSURE “COLORED AND FLAVORED WITH WOOD _________” (insert chips, slabs, extracts, etc., as appropriate) is required on labels to indicate treatment with wood · APPLICATION Applies only to whisky and brandy treated – other than through contact with oak containers – with wood: In any manner or form, either directly or indirectly, e.g., chips, slabs, extracts, etc. nAt any point during the production or storage process, up to and including the time of bottling

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