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Bulk alcohol storage - safety measures

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Hi. We are an existing brewery but new to distilled spirits. Our plan is to purchase distilled spirits in totes and blend to make canned RTDs. We went through the steps of getting licensed by state ABC and TTB but not sure what other permitting or safety measures we need to explore to store this bulk alcohol... fire codes, OSHA, etc... Can it be in the same space or does it need to be stored in a separate building, in a fire rated room...? Does anyone have any advice on how to gather this information. It has not proven easy at first glance. 

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Hey Jim!  Are you a member of ADI?  Not a heavy-handed attempt to get you to join, if not, but there ARE a couple of video seminars available to members concerning regs and best-practices of RTDs.

We never did RTDs so I don't have direct experience, or I'd help in a heartbeat.



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