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I am researching the possibility of purchasing a small quanity of personalized product for my retail store. I have particular interest in corn whiskey, bourbon & vodka in that order and would prefer a low price-point for my customer base (seasonal area).

In an ideal world in would be a mixture of the above for a total of 10-20 cases and a NY product.

If this need matches any member resources please let me know. Feel free to contact me on the Adirondack Moonshine facebook page.


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Hi Bill, My name is Rich DeVall. I own Saratoga Distilleries. We recently received our approvals from the State Liquor Authority to make corn and rye whiskeys. Wish I could provide you with some product right away but it will be several months before we are up and running. In the mean time Tutilltown Distilleries make whiskeys and might help you out. I hope we can do business in the future. My website is www.saratogadistilleries.com

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