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  1. Most forms that ask for referances never contact them including loan applications. They will only contact them if you fail to pay taxes or make payments. They will ask these people if they know where you are. Coop
  2. Scam , you did right by checking them out. Coop
  3. Hello Brian, I looked back at the qualifications and the letters F, U, N are in their, just not in the right order. I did not see a "Dress Code" or maybe I just missed it, Too bad. Coop
  4. Power Point?? What is that? Will it stick you? Coop
  5. OMG!!! After several gold, silver and bronze medals, starting a company and building it up in 4 years then selling it, now consulting on the first bourbon distillery in Australia and building it, I cannot even make the minimum QUALIFICATIONS here and not sure any one else could. Too Bad, might be a great job. Coop
  6. I would suggest going to several very large Liquor Stores and just count them then add 20%. coop
  7. Questions for you: Where are you located? What kinds of spirits are you going to make What is your ESD? Coop
  8. We have always had steam. Both for our mash kettle and 16 plate 300ltr still. The highest pressure we have ever run was from 5 to 7 psi for the mash kettle. Direct injection of steam. And 1 1/4 # for still. Coop
  9. Do you know if the grundfoss pumps have brushes or are they permanent magmatic type? The ones I use have no brushes. Coop
  10. Why are they on a GFI circuit?? GFI's are set to trip if it even sparks when the switch is turned on. Even heavy moisture in the air can cause a trip. Coop
  11. Take a look at www.jumpstartz.com/whipper-snapper-distillery coop
  12. The license would remain with the distillery as long as you qualify for a DSP. The transfer involves the same paper work but would stay in operation in the original license control until the TTB accepts your application. You would want to close the deal upon acceptance by the TTB and settle up then. If they continue to make products final selling price would be determined at closing. Coop
  13. Both state and Federal are involved. Without knowing what state you are in any of us here might be giving you bad advise. I understand a change in you life is immanent but not a good reason for bad advice. I agree with Teton about lawyers only because unless you live is say Kentucky, you will not find a liquor lawyer. I sold my distillery well over a year ago so it does not matter to me where you are. My next one will be in Western Australia. Coop
  14. Let me see, you have been a member for 6 days, we have no information on you? Where do you live? What is the name of your distillery? Do you have a DSP permit? We need to know these things to recommend a lawyer. Why recommend one from California if you are in NY? Coop
  15. Just a little something to further muddy the water. Teton is right on in his comments. Just so every one remembers, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT will own any and all spirits produced as their Lien is first in line with the bank or share holders second. Until all federal taxes are paid. Remember the TTB only wants to get paid the taxes owed on the produced spirits, the rest is up to you. I have been selling pre-paid liquor for over 5 years. Coop
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