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Can anyone recommend an a consultant/expediter who can assist in the NYS application process?



Hi, Dorit.

The State Liquor Authority can be a pain. I recently obtained their approval for my distillery (www.saratogadistilleries.com), it was very difficult. I am also a lawyer. I would be happy to try and help, either informally over the phone or something more formal if you need it. Rich DeVall, 518-584-8521.

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I used to know a person in label approvals. I found sending her flowers from the Lark Street florists in Albany every so often seemed to help. I'm not calling it a bribe or anything but it did make that person a bit less like the DMV smile.gif

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Sending flowers is nice, but it may work against you as well; be careful how you attempt to influence any NYS agency employees. We have learned the best way to get the most out of the SLA is to get to know them directly. Try delivering your application by hand. Establish a back and forth with someone who responds to your questions. Invite the Commissioner to your site and have a chat (he can't accept flowers). Establish a correspondence that keeps you in touch regularly with the SLA. NY law allows that an attorney can sign off on your application, in effect guaranteeing as an Officer of the Court that your info is valid and the application is complete and the SLA will accept that backup when issuing a preliminary approval.

Keep in mind the SLA is working with often outdated ambiguous distillery law, greatly increased distillery application submissions (which are quite a bit of paperwork as you know), the agency is underfunded (with a budget fixed by the Legislature not self-funded), and ridiculously understaffed; that is not to totally excuse poor service but it may at least help mitigate your frustration a bit. Keep at it.

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