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Holding a distiller's and a wholesaler's license

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Is there a state in the Union that allows a small/farm/artisan distillery to also hold a wholesaler's license (ability to sell to retailers). One of my state lawmakers is attempting to create a small wholesalers license. As an answer to the bigger wholesalers not willing to take product in small batches. In my state farm wineries can sell to retail but artisan distillers cannot. The tree tier system also disallows ownership of more than one of the tiers.

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Beauport, there is no Federal statute prohibiting sales online, but the Fed requires you comply with the regulations of the State into which the goods are to be shipped. It is not possible to ship via Postal service. Private carriers will carry in some cases, but a few of those that do require you to take a Hazmat course online first. I can't speak for other States, but NY has a statute which prohibits sale by producers direct to consumers except under strict regulation; in case of spirits only a Farm Distiller may sell his products direct to consumer and only at the distillery, and only if the buyer is there in person and the money exchange is done at the time of sale at the distillery, and the only spirits they may sell are "New York Branded" spirits, those made from at least 70% NY agricultural produce. Farm Wineries may also sell "New York Branded" spirits of any distiller or Farm Distiller.


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Internet sales are a tricky matter. Can you verify that each and every purchaser is over 21? If you sell over the internet and someone under 21 gets away with a purchase, you're putting your TTB permit at risk.

Also, as Ralph noted, you have to comply with the regulations of every state you ship to. If you check some of the big online liquor store sites, you'll see that they don't ship to every state. Last time I checked, Astor Wines, for example, only shipped to 35 states; perhaps the other 15 were too much of a compliance hassle.

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