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Artisan Craft Distilling Training

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Happy Weekend to all!

I wanted to share with you that we are having our next week long Artisan Craft Distilling training on March 21 - 25 here at Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake, WA. We are now going into our second year with our week long workshops. We target those folks who want to get into this exciting industry. It is a week of intense information and includes one day of hands on training at the still. We call it Your First Big Step to the Next Big Thing. Distilling art and science, licensing and compliance, business planning and marketing are covered plus two evening social networking events. One of the strengths of this workshop is meeting people from around the country who attend. We have had folks from New York, Wyoming,Ohio, Alaska, Arizona, California to mention some states and China; who have registered for our workshops.

Please visit www.artisancraftdistilling.spruz.com for information. Hope to see some of you here in Moses Lake!



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With a little more notice I would consider coming. Could you advertise 3-4 months earlier next time?


We are planning the next one for

September. Sorry so late this time for you.


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