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Planning CIP system

Max Action

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Anyone have any recommendations for pumps to use in CIP system? I'm planning to piece together my own system of tanks and hoses, unless anyone has a suggestion for an affordable complete system?

I would also be interested in hearing from anyone that's not recirculating their chemicals, and just flushing them down the drain with each cleaning. I can certainly imagine pros and cons with both methods, but my imagination doesn't always correspond to the everyday real world.


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Call Dairy Engineering in Denver for refabbed pumps. They also have sales engineers (as in, real M.E.'s) who can help you to size the pump(s) correctly. Best pump deals I've ever found from actual companies, bar none. They've worked for CO breweries for years, and can help you along with your CIP needs, too. They have tons of used tanks, too.

Caustic can generally be reused until it's black, but you'll have to keep it hot. Otherwise, you can get bio problems. I reused my caustic for a month before replenishing leaving it cold until needed.

Acids are really for once through use, IMHO, and a little goes a long way with the soils that we're dealing with....


Dairy Engineering

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