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this looks like an interesting and informative site.

i am primarily doing research on gluten-free alcohols.

as i understand the science of distillation, it is still a bit of an open question whether spirits distilled from wheat, rye, or barley are safe for folks with celiac.

i will be posting more specific questions in a dedicated thread, but i see that people here do generally introduce themselves.

my other passion is the Race Across America -- the world's hardest bicycle race. i run a time station for the race.

see ya!!

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ETA -- which forum would you suggest for me to use to start a gluten-free dialogue?

(i.e., spirits that do not source or use wheat, rye, or barley as the base or supplemental grain or starter, or use them in manufactring, aging, flavoring, blending, packaging, etc.)

i just learned today that some wine barrels are "finished" with a wheat paste -- but that was never mentioned in the 5 wine texts i reviewed - nor did it come up in the wine classes i have taken. go figure!

my guestions will go to all spirits, e.g., liquors, liqueurs, wines, beers, etc., and mixers.


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