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Recycled glass bottles


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Anyone know of glass manufacturers that are using recycled glass?

Anyone making bottles of the 'rustic' style that contain recycled glass?

Many thanks,



Depending upon the definition of recycled glass you use, every glass manufacturer can make a claim and not every manufacturer, or industry necessarily follows the exact same definition, so below is one definition of recycled glass:

1. virgin materials = no recycled content

2. Internal waste = introduction into the batch of cullet from in-house loses from start-ups, rejections, etc. (max control of recycled materials)

3. Industrial waste = introduction into the batch of cullet from other industrial glass sources (good control of recycled materials)

4. Post consumer waste = glass from recycling centers that has been in the consumer hands as a previous product and has become available through curbside collection, returns to collection centers, etc.

Most glass manufacturers can claim they use all 4 in their batches depending upon the end use. Some make a 100% recycled content claim if they make a batch using 2-4.

I don't know anyone that does liquor bottles using category 4 alone. If you want to make a marketing claim, you should ask for your vendor to certify post consumer content.

Pavisa Glass in Mexico has a few clients that require post consumer content. They campaign these glass runs on their larger tanks, and can do a custom batch on smaller tanks.

Coincidentally their post consumer glass campaigns are in bubbled glass forumlations, one light blue and one a light brown (what they classify as rustic). The bubble size, color, and hue would be set by the existing lines that are driving those campaigns, so to become part of the campaign, which is the least costly way to be able to make a claim, you would have to stay within the campaign specifications.

Custom batches, as noted, are possible, but you will face minimum run requirements.

I don't know the policies, or campaigns run at other glass houses.

Hope this helps.

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