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Holiday Packaging


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Hello to you all, I am looking for some holiday boxes that would hold a bottle of our spirits along with two or four glasses. Has any one seen or know where we might get some? Thanks, Coop :blink:

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I've never seen any standardized ones, but we haven't used standard sized bottles either. I'm interested to hear if there's a source we might not know about - up til now, we've only done custom gift boxes, but they are very expensive when you're doing a small run.

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Uline offers a good variety of retail bags and packaging. To customize them cost effectively, consider having adhesive labels made or using a custom rubber stamper. In addition to being more affordable, you've got more flexibility down the road if packaging needs change. You can make the labels / stamp flexible enough to use in a variety of situations, not just with your gift packaging. The more you have a logo present in front of your buyer and anyone else along the line you are reinforcing your brand.





(first hit i had on google)

custom stamps:


you can also have labels and stamps made locally by places like Kinko's, Staples, etc.

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I found this for boxes & Gifts…nothing close to Colorado! :(

Accent Millworks OH

Brittany Boxes ONT

Dorpak OH

Epic Products CA

Express Paper Product CA

Florin Box & Lumber CA

Gift Box Corpration of America NY

…The best would be to check on the Vineyard & Winery Management website!

They have a list of vendors by segment.


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Good morning all.

Raising this thread again. I am asking if anyone has had experience on what info is required/asked by TTB for outside single packaging? Will it be similar to the Master carton info? We have a collection of these boxes and the info goes from overwhelming to spartan.



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