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Building a Rickhouse

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Jordan, formerly of Stillwater Spirits in Petaluma, CA. I have meet many of you over the years but I am now holed up in the Rockies making spirits for Breckenridge Distillery. We are entering our second phase and building a large barrel storage facility on the property. I have not met anyone who does design work for traditional ricks for barrel storage. Is there anyone out there that you know? Thank you for your help.

Jordan Via

Still Monkey

Breckenridge Distillery

(808) 989-6738

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Might be worth reaching out to Scott Moore (scott@dalkita.com) — he's a Denver based architect who, as far as I've understood, has done a good bit of work for both Downslope and Stranahans. I don't know that he's done much in the way of traditional rickhouse design but he could be a good resource for you on the project.

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