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Bulk Molasses Providers?

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I'm looking for some new sources of bulk molasses. Drums and totes. I've used international Molasses and Dutch Valley. Any other suggestions? I based in lower NY State.



Try Zook Molasses in Honey Brook, PA. Zook Molasses

PO BOX 160,

4960 Horseshoe Pike

Honey Brook PA 19344

(800) 327-4406

This is a supplier for feed molasses but they have un-sulphered bulk molasses without additives for other purposes. They have a sister company called Golden Barrel which is mostly retail but can also provide bulk molasses prepared for human consumption. Only a few hours from lower NY State.


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Try either

1) Malt Products


2) Bundaberg Molassas


I've used Malt Products various products before and they're good. I've heard good things about Bundaberg but haven't used them.


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Hi Jonathan,

I would suggest Malt Products as well. I believe they are out of NJ. Another distributor you might try is Batory Foods (http://batoryfoods.com/). They have a number of distribution centers in surrounding states (PA and MA), but none in NY. Try Lavinia Stembridge at O 813 831 3658 | C 813 846 3567. She may refer you to another regional sales rep.

Good luck,


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Thanks for the quick response.

I have used Malt Products / International Molasses before. (Different branches of the same company.) Very good quality, but a bit pricey. they do have the largest variety of molasses i have come across.

I checked out Zook and they are very good on the pricing, but I wonder about quality since they are mainly cattle feed. They only have table molasses and blackstrap.

Isn't Bundaberg in Australia? They also seem to be cattle feed.

Batory is next on my list to contact.

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