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Congrats Curtis! Is the "little more work on the investor side" a condition of the SBA loan $ coming in or to supplement your overall fundraising goal? Not looking for specific numbers (unless you want to share), more curious on the SBA's requirements in this "economic climate".

Thanks! and best of luck!


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JD and all, to clarify, my understanding of an SBA loan is not a loan or grant. It is a guarentee on payment of part or all of the loan by the Fed.Gov't. The money is lent by an approved lending institution, with the usual (collateral,clean history, repayment potential,etc.)credit demands on the borrower. Usually a commercial bank or a Savings & Loan type institution. There is a lot, a lot, of work to be approved, especially in an uncommon industry. Congrats to Curtis and others who have gone this route. You must have found a very excited, intellegent, and understanding loan officer to represent you to the process. A toast to him/her.

Cheers, Bob

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