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Label Designing Offered

Gwydion Stone

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Before I became a distiller I was a graphic artist, creating graphics and managing imaging for dot.coms, bio-techs and non-profits. That all went away when I escaped the cube-farm in 2007 and became un-gainfully self-employed producing my absinthe at other distilleries in Switzerland, then Oregon. Still, the skills came in handy when it was time for packaging and promotion design, and I do all my own.

Now that I'm awaiting permits for my own distillery, I find myself twiddling my thumbs and puttering about in the garden a lot.

Fortunately that leaves me time to create some kick-ass labels for those of you who might need them. If you've done any shopping around in the design market, you'll find my rates very economical.

What I do:

• Design spirits labels, print ads, sellsheets, shelf-talkers, business cards, etc.

• Work with your printer to assure that you get what you want

What I don't do:

• Creative copy writing. You should be prepared to provide all text to be used on your materials. I will provide proofing and editing for grammar and compliance.

Here's my graphic design site, with a brief slideshow of labels that are currently on bottles in the market: http://art.alembicdesign.com/

Have a look at these websites for a sample of my other graphics:







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