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Looking for a contract bottler

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Hello everyone and I hope you are all having a great year,

I am looking for someone to bottle for me. I have my federal wholesale permit and I have a product being produced for me in a large bulk quantity that I am private labeling but I will not bottle it all at once and therfore my need for a bottler that can handle a small volume. My first bottling will be 3000 - 375 ml bottles. I will supply the spirit, the glass, labels, corks and shrink band for the bottle. The glass will come in a 12/case shipper, the spirit will come in a container size tbd. Some proofing will be required. Additional details can be shared with those interested.

I have a label design completed but since I am not a DSP, I will need you to submit my label to the TTB for approval. I will also need you to submit a bottling authorization form to the TTB (I have it if you don't) since I prefer to have my company name as the "Bottled by" on the label. If you machine label, I may have to adjust my label to fit your labeler so I will need to know your label requirements.

I want to have my product in the market by mid September so time is of the essence since label approval is time consuming. If you are interested, reply to AH104@bellsouth.net in confidence. Please reply with your name, phone number and location so I can call you to discuss.

This is a whiskey product so if you are concened about bottling a whiskey that might compete with you (even though it most likely will not be in your market since my strategy is very regional) this may not be for you.

Thank you and I hope to be working with one of you very soon.

Sixdegrees - ah104@bellsouth.net

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Most rectifiers also do contract bottling and, as rectifiers, have the necessary license. To give specific recommendations we need to know where you are, as you don't want to be shipping your bulk product all over the country if you can avoid it.

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