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Specialty malts


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I've read a few academic articles on the compounds that are contributed by specialty malts, crystal malt for example. Many of the compounds I read about have a huge impact on beer flavor, mouthfeel, texture, sweetness, etc. Have any of you repeated whiskey production with and without a specialty malt and found that the characteristics were markedly different?

I'm sure there are differences I'm just looking for some info or tasting notes on specific malts from anyone willing to discuss. For instance crystal malt, as I understand it, is treated to make starches resistant to enzyme activity so that they will stay intact and add body and mouthfeel to beers. This means that the starches can no longer be metabolized by yeast, lowering yield, but do they add some significant flavor to whiskey that you can't get from other malts? The starches can't distill over, but are other compounds created in the process that survive distillation? Many of the compounds I read about (pyridines, pyrazines, other cyclic compounds) are unlikely to distill over, and literature only discusses them in relation to beer flavor.

Thanks for any input.

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