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Kind of like this, fits my demo. Let me know if this helps you.

I've been selling for over 50 years, for large and small organizations. I my opinion, that stuff is just a waste of money. It just makes you feel good to have your name on something you can give away. Use the money for something else that will bring a direct return. A tasting night at a good watering hole in a new market area makes more sense to me. Buyers can't taste your product licking a golfball.

Dick G

Fr Ewing

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Hello FrEwing. I wholley agree on the giveaways of having little return. We cannot match the big brands on that, and it only escalates. But we do have items like the golf towels in our store. They Sell! We market them as Bar towels, boat, beach and lounge chair towels. Our major use is in our gift baskets. We let the customer walk through the store, Tee's, Hats, coasters,Shot and taste glasses, etc and create their own basket. We assemble and up-charge. there is our Direct Return. Then again we sell "Sou'westers", those yellow hats that the Gorton's Fisherman wears with his "slickers". Rubberizing sailcloth was a big industry for us at one time.

Also, Curtis, maybe on the golf balls we can be "held up" by on-line sellers. But the towels, a local Mom & Pop sports store that has embroider machine should be able to get those decent towels and embroider for under $7 after set-up charge. With little minimums. And that one time set-up should be good for all items, shirts, etc. Our guy in Beverly does them for that. And no shipping. We always get internet prices and bring then downtown to see if they will match. Do the best we can to buy locally. Cheers,Bob

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Cue the broken record.

There are no good or bad tactics. (Giving away branded premiums is a tactic.) There are only tactics that support and advance your brand proposition (good) and tactics that do not (waste of money). The same exact branded golf balls may be a great tactic for one company and a terrible waste of money for another, depending on their brand propositions and strategic plans.

That's the most important marketing lesson I have to teach.

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all joking aside. I respect each of you, and want this board to be a open tool for all our needs. I agree golf balls may be a waste of money. If any of you are hosting a golf tournament it may help. Maybe your near a golf course and the promo will go over big.

I don't post to waste your time. I post to save you from having to look. What you do with the info is up to you. I hope each of you feel the same way.

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