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We just received this e-mail the other day from someone who will remain nameless from here on out. Just thought that some of you that have had experiences with him might find it amusing. I really wish that the administrators would stop taking down posts concerning him, it lends credibility that I believe is unwarranted. Hopefully he doesn't hurt anyone else....

"I have already spoken to Penn and Bill about this.

I am not going to explain anything to you.

What I will tell you is that every paragraph in that tabloid slime magazine Adweek is either a lie or a very gross distortion. That has already been established. This is getting resolved in my favor and the minute that happens, the parent company for Adweek is going to be sued for an enormous amount of money as are many of the people mentioned in that article. I will also be suing any and all slugs that chose to maliciously post online slander about me. These people knew very little about what had transpired – you knew even less.

But make no mistake, you better hope that this post is no longer on this Forum by that time or you will not be able to afford even the attorney fees for the lawsuit I bring against you let alone the damages.

There is nothing illegitimate about my business or the need to change a name for business reasons. It’s done all of the time. Any posting that slanders my business is prime territory for a massive slander lawsuit. The minute such a lawsuit gets out your business is finished.

Had you approached me directly I might have explained much more. One question, other than the tabloid junk magazine, who else wrote about this? Ad Age? Wall Street Journal? NY Times? No one else.

What you are posting is a malicious attempt to interfere in someone else’s business which is illegal.

Next time think twice before you jump to any conclusions. If you had the slightest idea of what actually happened you would have posted nothing.

If anyone contacts FBI or in any way interferes with what has been transpiring then you will have the problem reversed on you. As I said, I am no longer remaining silent and allowing crap like this to happen to me anymore.

I am followng through with each and every one of you who I had spoken with previously."

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