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150 gallon Hybrid Column/Potstill


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as things have progressed on this design, I thought it deserved a thread of its own.

we've got initial pricing back from the factory, and while they did screw up my design on the boiler, the column is perfect.

so right now we're looking at a sub $30k delivered price (most places in the US)

this is a best of both worlds system, you can run it as a potstill or a column still




- 12" diameter (300mm)

- copper construction

- 4 plates with bubble caps

- plate drain/bypass valves


- 150 gallon charge capacity

- stainless steel construction

- steam jacketed and insulated

- 12" diameter manway

- 4" bottom drain with triclamp fitting


-1 1/2" worm

-Glass coolant resivoir


-column bypass system

-optional agitator if requested

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