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  1. looking for 2 gallon, 5 gallon 10 gallon or 15 let me know what you have, I'd like to get a palate or two.
  2. sweet cinnamon then followed by less sweet, bakers cinnamon, is a normal progression of flavors in the distillate.
  3. What company do you work for? I dont see it listed anywhere?

  4. we can do full copper stills. most people dont want the extra expense, so we dont make a lot of them, but we can do it.
  5. there are several molasses producers in Louisiana that will do bulk sales. shipping can be expensive, but it depends where you are located.
  6. I've worked with them on several projects in the past, they seem decent to deal with.
  7. was hoping they would show some of the distilling process instead of just the malting and mashing. But still, must feel good to have a place on a show like that.
  8. If you have a local source for Bio-Diesel thats what you want. just make sure its 100% bio, not blended with petro. heavier lipids are eliminated in favor of light, so you wont get the same plasticizing that standard vegetable oil will do.
  9. I have a 1000L kettle in stainless steel, with agitator dont know if this would be helpful
  10. Dilute and carbon filter. if it has a super strong corn smell, then its chocked full or corn oils which may just precipitate out when diluted, then can be scrubbed with carbon.
  11. for cleaning, single common line is fine. but if you intend on running the system with all columns, it wont work at all. Liquid will build up on the plates and will not drain back at all. you need a pump at the bottom of each column, to push the distillate back up to the top of the previous column
  12. I didnt see, or take offence. many different ways to get a job done, everyone favors their own, thats just how life works.
  13. what do you used for acid in your cleaning process? if you can circulate through there a Phosphoric or citric acid solution, that would eat away at it without damaging the stainless. might need to be a heavy solution, and might need to circulate for a good long while, but it should do the trick.
  14. yes, you can make a thief from plumbing parts, and it will work, but is ugly. also all plumbing fittings are designed to slip over the outside of the pipe for soldering, with 1.25" pipe this makes it too big to fit into some barrels bungs. so you need to make it out of smaller pipe, and you can draw a much smaller sample. while it solders together in much the same way one would out of plumbing fittings, I've designed my pieces to slip on the inside of a standard 1.25 "L" pipe length, making for a tight, flush fit solder, without increasing the diameter. Custom machining of copper isn't cheap, even done en masse, but you have to have a bunch of pieces made at once to make the price approachable. I did this more as a favor to my customers, I don't make much on these thiefs, I just thought I could do a better job of it than what was out there. Doesn't hurt my feelings if you don't buy one. I tend to give these away more often than I sell them. Typically to Customers who have bought a still from me, or Friends in the industry.
  15. just a tad over 24" long. 1.25 diameter copper pipe $110 plus shipping
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