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Hello from Ole Smoky Distillery

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My name Justin King and I am the Master Distiller for Ole Smokey Distillery. I have been following this forum for a while now and I would like to introduce my self. You can look at our web site for more information olesmokymoonshine.com or email me at Justin@osdistillery.com ,There is alot of great information here and I look forward to meeting other people in the industry

Thanks , Justin

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Your kind isn't welcome in these parts :)

Hello Justin, how do you have so many famous friends? (you should see this kids twitter) I swear to god I want to party with you.

Word to the rest of your ADI Distillers, Justin is one of, if not the best moonshine artist i know.

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What are you actually making under the rubric of 'moonshine'?

Its a twice distilled corn whiskey

Chuck, I think this page answers your queston: http://www.olesmokym....com/varieties/

Sounds like both unaged corn whiskey and white lighting style.

Mr. King, I love your website, the look and feel of the products and the product line. I see success in your future.

Thank you very much and the warm welcome here.

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