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I'm a CPA out of MS. I've been in public accounting for 4+ years. Graduated for the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) with degrees in Finance and Accounting.

My experience in distilleries and related topics is limited. I've done a few "in depth" (less than a day) tours of a distilleries. I've had some hands-on approach in most aspects of the distilling process, although like i said in a limited capacity.

My college roomate opened Tin Roof Brewing Co. out of Baton Rouge, LA. Although it's a beer operation, he has proved to have vast amounts of information to share.

Currently, myself and another business owner in town are exploring the possibility of one day opening a distillery, main focus being bourbon.

Our realistic time frame is 4 or 5 years down the road before we start a real investment into a distillery. Right now we are strictly in the learning mode. We would like to start getting into the financial side sometime next year assuming after our learning mode we are still interested!



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