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Excise Tax Stamps in New York


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I hope this is an easy one that someone can help me with...

Product is ready to sell, Cola is done, NY State Brand registration is done. Price posting will be done shortly. In addition to the NY State Farm Winery and Distillery Licenses, we have the Distributor license and we have ready and willing local customers who will take delivery direct from us to Restaurant/Bar once we have waited the appropriate period from price posting.

From Article 8, 106 - For Consumption on premise.... "Such containers shall have affixed

thereto such labels as may be required by the rules of the liquor authority, together with all necessary federal revenue and New York state excise stamps as required by law."

I have made repeated calls to New York State Tax and Finance as well as the liquor authority and I can't find anyone who can tell me how the New York State excise tax stamp requirement is administered and what I need to do.

Any help enlightening me on what I am missing would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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