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EPA issues


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Has anyone had problems with the EPA regarding disposal of still wastes, emissions, water runoff, etc.

I am considering apply for USDA rural development small business loan to help with distillery set up. If approved for this type of loan, they would notify other government agencies, including the EPA. I am debating whether this would be a real downside to this type of loan. The byproducts of distilling do not seem toxic to me, but the EPA is not often reasonable.

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While the EPA may not be reasonable (I am not sure what you are referring to), if byproducts are going to be your problem they would be a huge problem for Woodford Reserve, Jim Beam, You name it. You would be small potatoes compared to the economics of scale the big guys produce. What you may want to do ahead of time (which is the best way to do this), is find out how to properly dispose of you waste in your state and have a plan ready if anyone asks. Contact your states environmental agency, your counties, your cities waste management company. Most of the problems with agencies like the EPA are with people who don't do their homework first and wait for the EPA to find a problem. This situation is often seen as your trying to cover something up. Ignorance of the law/no excuse crap. The answer should always be find out yourself first. The internet makes it easy. I am looking into some kind of generator/ heater that can safely burn methanol.

Good luck,


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Frankly, go to your local craft brewery, Buy the crew a beer. Chat. Tell them how you will improve their sales.Those guys should be your best friends before you leave. In fact, if you can, you should be giving them a few hours of your time helping out. You can learn tons from them. Find out what they do with their spent grains, etc.. What they do should be acceptable to whomever.

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