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Dan P.

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I hope this is helpful to someone, alambics of commercial size, often Charantais, come up for sale on this site;


Search for alambic in "Toute la France" (you have to click on a region first), e.g.;


You may find a still such as this;


Caveat emptor in all respects,


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I don't know. I got quoted a shipping container (London UK to mid-state NY) for somewhere around £1000 a few years ago, so it might not be that bad. Travelling out to look it over and dismantle it would be the greatest cost.

Charantais stills come up on that website every couple of weeks. If I was going to spend a lot of money on a copper still, I would definitely look into it.

Some of these are out of date, but you will get the idea;

12 hectolitre;


18 hectolitre;


25 hectolitre;


20 hectolitre;


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You may want to check this out on E Bay. I communicated with the seller and the wall thickness is 2mm. It is an old cognac still and a real beauty, but some work will be required and retro-fitting for steam might be costy as well. It has been offered at this pricing 3 times now.

Item Number 330681051704 .


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I regularly locate and import antique stills. My prices are higher than those you'll find in Europe, but they include the packing, forwarding and etc. The ADI's brandy still came from me ... so Bill can vouch for my services. If you're looking for an antique still let me know.

I do have a few smaller stills on-hand here in Colorado too.


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