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Back to the locked taboo subject that we are not allowed discuss here on the ADI website. I will post this with the full expectation of censorship from the powers who decide on what information we as craft distillers will be allowed to discuss on this forum. I will not mention any names in this post even though it is fairly obvious from previous posts (that of course are locked so the information cannot be reviewed) that some of our colleagues were ripped off by this fraudulent predator. It is a shame that ADI forums are censored in such a way that some have been victims of this, when in fact if the subject was still open on this forum our colleagues could have made informed decisions on this subject!

To all who were ripped off by this guy please enjoy this post. This guy will probably never do any time in jail for his crimes, and will probably never pay back 1 penny to his victims, but at least he was arrested and there is a case against him.

To the censoring board at the ADI, shame on you for not allowing craft distillers access to information that could have saved them thousands of dollars! Because of your actions, you should take some blame for silencing the warnings posted about this guy and allowing him free access to ripoff craft distillers.

Please notice paragraph 6 in the article I have linked that this is specific to distilleries.


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Not sure what fun you are talking about but, thanks for the link, glad to see he's been stopped.

As for the "censorship" issue, this is an open public forum but that doesn't mean anyone has a right to post whatever they want. Early on with this situation there was a lot of one sided information and the accused was threatening many people on these forums. Posts were removed until it was determined through law enforcement that the accusations were legit.

Since I am pretty much the lone administrator as well as trying to run a distillery I don't always have time to verify facts in every post nor every situation that may arise. When something posted is accusatory the ADI runs a certain liability and it is my job -oh, I do this for free so guess it's not a job but an assumed responsibility to offer a certain level of protection. If what I'm doing is not up to your standards feel free to move on.

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