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Where is the best place to advertise for marketing/sales positions?


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We are at a point where we are about to take on either a marketing consultant or an in-house marketing position at our start up distillery.

Other than ADI forums :), where are the best places to advertise a position like this within the spirits world?


P.s. if location matters, we are in CA.

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If you haven't filled this position yet, my company can help you! I work for a brand development and marketing company called TruGrit Concepts. We specialize in the alcohol industry and can provide you with anything from logo, label, and marketing material design services to a full-blown marketing campaign. We customize our solutions to cater to our clients' unique needs so whatever it is, we can do it!

Our contact information is below. We're in the process of putting up a new website so I've provided a link to our Facebook page, instead. Checking us out there will give you a good idea of what we do.

Hope we can help, but if you've already filled this position, hope it's going well! :)

Contact Information

TruGrit Concepts

603 Main Street

Genoa, OH


Email: info@trugritconcepts.com

Phone: (419) 855-6104

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