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Mash Tuns

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I haven't seen these brands, but I have a question.

Assuming a 10% ABV mash (resultant) and assuming you can push 4 batches through one of these tanks in a 24 hour period, you are only going to get = 75 gal * .10 ABV * 4 = 30 gallon of pure product (assuming no heads or tails cuts on a batch still).

I run a 1000 gallon mash, distill to completion in 10 hours, and I still think that I'm barely large enough to compete in this rapidly expanding market.

Is this mashtun for prototyping batches or production? If production I may suggest that you want to set your sights higher.

Good luck. If you are attending the ADI conference in April you will have some great opportunities to see other mashtun and production options. Hopefully they can give you more to go on.



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