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Greetings from Pennsylvania

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Howdy Everyone!

Getting started on a whiskey distillery in Pennsylvania! The plan at this point is to start with young Bourbon and Rye, and eventually move on to barrel aging spirits. The idea is to go for local grains and do most everything from scratch. (or at least that's the thought so far)

At this point I have secured a location and received local zoning approval. I have costs and projections done for 5 years. I have done start up and equipment cost estimates and created a budget. I am not sure how realistic my costs and estimates are, but I have start up and year zero funds in the bank. I am in the process of building a 150 gallon, 4 plate still modeled after the German/European makers (Kothe, Carl, Holstein). Waiting on my LLC paperwork to come back and then looking to start my state process and purchase some equipment.

I have been reading the forum for a while and wanted to thank all those folks who have already made a go of this business for sharing their knowledge and experiences!


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