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Keeping Batches Consistent


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I understand that there is a good amount of both art and science in the role of a head distiller.

Which brings me to ask about the methods that distillers utilise to keep batches of their gin consistent over time, in particular, accounting for a different supply of botanicals each season.

Indeed, I know that gin recipes are based on essential oil content. But what is the most common and easy way to measure the essential oil content of your botanicals in order to determine the weight to use? .

Also, if anyone would be so kind as to share their experiences of rectifying each botanical individually (and then blending), in comparison to one-shot production, that would be fantastic!

Thank you very much in advance for your help. All answers are appreciated.

David from England.

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Your post brings a tear to my eye. I have been through this problem countless times. I would have thought you would have less of an issue in the UK as most of the critical botanical's are from that part of the world. What we end up with here in Australia is dried out, dust ridden wood shavings. I struggled with batching and stockpiling (like a Sherry Solera system), but to no success.

Myself and a number if other Gin distillers I know are now distilling the component botanical's separately. Without giving away any secrets, we split the juniper, from the coriander, from the anise/licorice types, from the citrus types. We then blend from there.

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We distill all our botanicals individually (some journalists have told me that we were the first to do this to Gin, but I have a hard time believing that), and then blend them together after distillation for a final Gin.

Blending is the solution to any consistency issues. Although we don't do this, I'd blend your botanicals from a few year's worth of harvests if you can keep them dry, and blend batches as much as possible..... solera method, or anything else you can manage if you can afford the tank space.

Have you tried ringing the boys at Beefeater's? Seems they're the reigning expert on Gin consistency.

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Todd, do you steep you botanicals or do vapor? We do a vapor infusion, but are looking to add a bit more flavor from a couple components. We're thinking about doing some of both. I'm not sure what proof or for how long, but we're going to try it.

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