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Mash / Lauter Tun

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Here is a new one you might want to check out: http://www.glacierta...lon_20_BBL.html

Panoscape, do you have any experience with Glacier Tanks? They do seem to be pretty well priced on their mash/lauter tuns. My guess is they are importing them from China...but that is a pretty nice price all the same. It looks like they require you to passivate the steel yourself which seems a little strange, but also doesn't look that hard to do.



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Nope, but plan too in the near future. Many brewers use them on probrewer.com. That would be your best bet to get a review of the company/products. Regarding China products, don't sweat it too much. ViolentBlue here works with China all the time and I'm sure he could attest that when staking one's reputation on China made goods, and if they want to be around for awhile, they'll make it right. I think that's worth the cost of their mark-up. Plus, dealing with importation is a PITA sometimes, especially when it's over $2,500.


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