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Out of state distillery selling in the state of Washington

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I'm curious what it takes to sell in the state of Washington for an out of state distillery.

Do I just sell directly to stores like Costco, Safeway, etc? Do I have to have a Washington state license of some kind?

I appreciate it,

Nate Owen

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According to this, it looks like it just went privatized and all you need is a Certificate of Approval from the state. I'm sure beer/wine distributors are eagerly fighting for spirit rights to distribute to their current customers. Hopefully, this will be happening here in Oregon.


Out-of-state info


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Here is a link to the American Spirits Exchange. They specialize in this kind of stuff. Specifically, they have a service called Foundations that will help you get your state brand registrations so you are able to sell in states other than your own. They also have a multitude of white papers free of charge that will help you understand what permits you need. http://americanspiritsltd.com/

Hope this helps!

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