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Relaunch 30 gallon glass column'd still


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Well many of you have been waiting with anticipation for the production run of our 30 gallon glass column still you saw at the ADI conference.

good news, boilers have arrive and production has begun on the columns.

we're just about ready to take your order.

this new unit is a co-operative effort of Artisan Still Design and Paradise Lost Bev Co.

kits as shown in the pictures below will sell for $5000.

Includes: Boiler, Glass Column, Dephleg, product condenser, electric heat control system and element adapters.

please direct order inquiries to lurch@paradiselostbevco.com




Photos generously provided by Appalachian Mountain Spirits LLC, who owns our prototype unit.

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Some copper mesh inserted below the dephegmator or just above it would do the trick. It would work in much the same manner as the catalyzer insert that some of the larger stills have.

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caps are all copper, but yes adding some copper mesh above the dephleg would certainly help.

really the copper contact right where phase change is taking place is where your best results are to be had. the bubble caps will do that quite nicely.

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For those of you that may be interested in one of these glass proofing stills for you distillery, I have been building up an inventory of stock parts as well as some pre-fabricated parts.

I have in stock now, enough parts to get any 'stock' 4 plate proofing still built/assembled and shipped in about a 2 week period.

I have been working on some custom parts for these stills that should allow for better user input. A few of the upgrades include, A botanical basket, Modified dephlegmator with forward facing thermometer port (for analog thermometer) as well as an option for a rear facing thermometer port (for digital thermometer). The rear facing digital thermometer port allows for implementation of a semi-automatic 11K dual element control box.

The custom parts are made to order so extra time must be allowed for shipping due to fabrication of these custom parts.

I am also working on some different plate configurations. (ie.6, 10, and 20 plate, remote table mounted, hybrid design)

At the moment I do have a 6 and a 10 plate boiler mounted column that are complete and can ship within a 2 week time frame.


please excuse the mess, I mocked these up on my kitchen table where the kids were playing that day :rolleyes:


Paradise Lost BevCo

(530) 282 - LOST

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