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New 50ml Liquor Bottle Available

Wm. R. Hill & Co.

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Hi Everyone,

If any of you distilleries out there are looking for a nice 50ml liquor bottle we now have available the "Arizona" which is manufactured here in the US.

If you need samples and pricing, please contact me at any time at the numbers below. I have tried to attach a PDF drawing and a picture of this bottle, but it won't load here on the page as I keep getting an error - so if you would like to see the drawing or picture (low quality pic taken from my Blackberry) then please get in touch with me :)

On another note our company sold over 8 million lbs of bulk sugar in the last year to various government institutions and has never sold to the distillery market so if there is any interest in purchasing bulk sugar from our company in pallet quantities then please let me know.



Wm. R. Hill & Co.

4500 E. Main Street

Richmond, VA 23231

P 910.399.1846 I C 910.620.9921


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