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New member in CT - Bulk Barrels for sale

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Hello members. I have tremendous respect and enthusiasm for the craft micro-distilling movement and have been consulting and monitoring this exploding industry for the past decade. Yes, I am former Seagram and Diageo (launched Bulleit Bourbon nationally and revived George Dickel from near death) and have worked with Brian and Ralph at Tuthilltown of which I am a big fan as they well know.

I am passionate about whiskey and in particular American whiskey.

How I can help?

1. Connect those looking for Barrel Aged liquid available for sale through my connections

2. Marketing, Sales expansion or Business strategy consulting on American whiskey

3. Insight into what the large scale players are up to and where they are headed

4. Getting your product in front of the big boys (Southern W&S, Charmer, RNDC, etc.)

Any questions? Feel free to reach me by em at



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