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Chillin' & Distillin' 2012 Delaware Phoenix Distilling Workshop

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As I have done two previous years, I'll be hosting my 2012 edition of the Chillin' & Distillin' Craft Distilling Adventure November 8th through 11th, 2012. Here's the info.

Delaware Phoenix Distillery

Chillin' and Distillin'Craft Distilling Adventure

4 day intensive workshop

November 8th through November 11th, 2012

9 a.m. until we're done with the day's work (about 6 p.m.)

at Delaware Phoenix Distillery, Walton, NY

Join distiller Cheryl Lins in a hands-on workshop at a working distillery, DSP-NY-15019. Our emphasis will be on making American whiskey: rye, corn, bourbon. We'll go through the whole whiskey production process from grinding the grain, mashing, fermenting, distilling to barreling and bottling. We'll use a 50 gallon Christian Carl pot still while turning back the clock to explore mid-19th century whiskey production methods and the modern legal and business environment for operating a small distillery. Participation is limited to 15 people (or so).

Cost: $500 per person

$125 non-refundable deposit

($600 after October 28, 2010)

Limited to 15 people (or so).

Lunch will be provided each day.

Make check or money order payable to Delaware Phoenix Distilleryandmail to Delaware Phoenix Distillery, PO Box 245, Walton, NY 13856. The distillery itself is located at 144 Delaware Street, Walton, NY 13856.

For more information contact the distillery, 607-865-5056.

Transportation to Walton, NY

Walton is a small village of maybe 3,000 people in the western Catskills region of upstate New York. The nearest airport is an hour away, and there is no public transportation that will get you to Walton.

The nearest airport is in Binghamton, about an hour away by car. Albany airport is about two hours away, and Newark airport is about 3½ hours by car. It's recommended that you fly to whichever airport you choose and then rent a car for the trip to Walton. For those driving from New York City, Walton is about 3 hours from the George Washington Bridge.

Accommodations in and near Walton, NY

Walton itself has a B&B and there are a couple others nearby. Most of these have just a couple or three rooms. There's a couple other places that are more like motels within short driving distances in Walton, Hamden, and Downsville. Once you've registered, I'll send you a list of places.

Early November Weather in Walton, NY

At this time Walton can be experiencing cold temperatures and maybe snow. Though usually not a lot. Daytime temperatures can be 40's-50's or 20's-30's, and at night the mercury can go to the 30's down into the teens. So while the distillery will be warm, the outside weather will be cold, especially overnight. Come prepared!

Clothing for Distilling

This is a working workshop. The intent is for the participants to get hands-on experience with mashing, fermenting and distilling, and there's a good chance you'll get messy. The distillery is not a clean room. The yeast do not care what you look like, only that you don't introduce competing bacteria into their environment.

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