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Forumlas, COLAs online processing times

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I just got my DSP at the end of August, and so now we're underway in the Forumlas / COLAs online business. I'm just curious how long this has taken for anyone else who's recently gone through the process?

Here's the timeline so far:

August 7th: TTB Agent requests a bond correction, says there are no other issues. Mad scramble to take care of that.

August 31st: DSP approved! We used permits online, took about 10 weeks. Put in for the username / password for TTB online.

Sept 7th: Username and password approved. Formula is submitted right away, but I discover that COLAs have to wait for that to be approved first (someone please tell me if I have this wrong!).

Today Sept 14th: So far nothing, although I am probably being impatient. Also, it seems like this stuff always happens late on a Friday so perhaps there will be a nice surprise this afternoon.

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I've never submitted a formula, so I can't speak on that part specifically, but I do believe they will be "approved" or "denied" or require some other form of action beyond just being on file.

Regarding your COLA however, with my experience with that part, expect them to come back with a clarification or a request for more info, or the like before you are "approved". I've submitted 4 to date, with 1 being a simple revision of a previously approved label, and they still required additional explinations before final approval. This extra step added typically 1 week avg to the whole approval process.

At least they are free, and at least they are digital. Imagine the delay if these had to all be submitted via snail-mail.

Good luck,


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According to: http://www.ttb.gov/labeling/index.shtml

Average Processing Time for Distilled Spirit Applications

(as of August 31, 2012)

32 days

Average Processing Time for Malt Beverage Applications

(as of August 31, 2012)

9 days

Average Processing Time for Wine Applications

(as of August 31, 2012)

23 days

Processing Time for Label Applications Permitted by Regulation as Outlined in 27 CFR 13.21(


Within 90 days

2012 COLA Applications Received Year-to-Date

(as of August 31, 2012)


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Quick question. I hope to start the application process within the next month. Can the COLA be applied for simultaneously with the DSP licence application or do I have to wait to be approved as a DSP to then submit the labels for approval?

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