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A hopeful artisan producer from Quebec

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Allo allo there fellow spirit lovers.

I am a food science graduate from McGill and I currently working for a vineyard in Quebec (Canada) and we are trying to get into the spirit industry. The permits here are hard to organize and so it will probably take quite some time to get it all running but in the mean while I am hard at work developing new recipes and discovering all I can about this great world of flavor to be experienced. We plan to produce spiced liquors (like a "chatreuse" and anisette... etc.) and bitters. Next summer we will be planting a multitude of herbs to allow us to produce our products from things mostly all harvested on site as we are trying to get an artisanal licence so we aren't limited to working with the SAQ here in quebec. We will start growing; angelica, orris root, wormwood, lemon balm, mint, coriander among many other and so I am quite exited for this spring. I am also considering trying to produce some of my own malt however that is still far away from happening.

My background involves work in the Lallemand's BRI lab doing QC on their yeast strains and work in a couple of breweries (one in Montreal and brief stays/internships at a couple in Denmark). I've been playing a lot with different beers, including a bunch of non-hop beers, and wines types and quite love all the traditions that go with special fermentations and feel there is a lot of room for this in the production of great liquors.

I am very exited to have found this community and thank you for organizing this sharing ground for information

Vincent Van Horn

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