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Fire Safety Documents


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Hi all,

At the ADI conference, there were some great sessions on fire safety by Nicole Austin from King's County, Brian Lee from Tuthilltown, John McKee & Justin Aden from Headframe, and John Jeffery from Death's Door.

There were several documents that were referenced during those sessions. If they could be posted here, or at least where to get them, that would be super helpful. Here are the ones I'm aware of:

1) Recommended fire protection practices for distilled spirits production facilities - DISCUS

2) Various documents from the Scotch Whisky Association

3) Code Exclusions of various kinds

4) White paper (still in process) from Death's Door

Thanks everyone!


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Thanks John, If no one else has said it, the session you guys put on was the most informative of everything that we all heard. Well worth the price of admission. Following your Best Practices will help us all.

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