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ASD 60 gallon 4 plate hybrid whiskey still. immediate shipping

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we have a 60 gallon still ready to go, was ordered by a client but they were unable to take possession

60 gallon stainless boiler with 2hp agitator

copper whiskey head

4 pate copper column

bain marie heating

custom control system, including heat, Dephlegmater Agitator and cooling or CIP pump control

set up for 208-240v 3 phase

can be shipped immediately from Mobile Alabama

$28k shipping included


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yes at 1/10 the size it is a mini version of your still.

we have a bunch of these in use at distilleries across the country, they do work very well.

the very first 60 gallon unit we built is making award winning bourbon at Dallas Distilleries.

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