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_Looking for advice on finding a Contract Distiller/Formulator_

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Hello- New to the forums and have spent some time reading through a few threads to get an understanding of the Distilling process. I am in the process of trying to turn an idea into a product. I have done research and spoken with investors and am at the stage where I need to find a beverage formulator to map out my product and a distiller to actually create it.

I originally planned to deal with a an "all in one" type firm who would formulate my product and contract out the distilling, but I know I would be paying a premium for this service. I also wouldnt have a relationship with the actual Distiller who is creating my product.

I havent had much luck in locating/contacting distillers that would be able to hook me up with a formulator they use and then give me pricing on the actual Distilling.

I am in the northeast and would perfer someone up here or at least on the East Coast.

The product that I am working on is a Liqueur - Vodka based with a fruit juice component and eithier cognac or wine added similar to products such as Hpnotiq, Alize, Nuvo, Pama etc.

Any resources or contacts would be greatly appreciated -

thanks in advance

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Why do you need a formulator? If you are just mixing stuff, can't you do this yourself in your home? If nothing is being fermented or distilled finding a local micro near you who can mix and bottle for you should be pretty easy.

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thanks for the reply - there are several aspects of the new drink that I wanted to achieve- I would definitely have to work with a food scientist/beverage formulator to have them come up with the best way to get what I need

I have experimented at home but need to know the feasibility, scale-ability and cost of doing it on a mass production level

I might be able to come up with the flavor palate I'm looking for on my own...but not the other attributes

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Flavormatic in Wappingers Falls NY does flavors for alcohols and coffees. We are working with them and have had a great experience. I disagree that you can come up with something like this on your own -- unless you are exceptionally unusual! Not only to concoct the taste, but to make sure it is shelf stable and the color is right (if there is color) etc. is not something someone can just do on their own.

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