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Jet cooker ceramic heat diffuser


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Does anyone know where I can find something to diffuse heat from directly hitting the bottom of the kettle if I build a nice furnace heat box around the base of my kettles. I don't want the burners to bake on the beer wort that I'm going to be brewing and I'm afraid with the jet cooker intensity this is possible or probable.

I have a still coming soon that has a nice ceramic diffuser plate that is shaped like a T but I've seen plate versions, I've seen a few different types and they just basically hit it and move outwards heating the air space rather than directly aiming a concentrated heat above it.

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I'm actually worried about scorching it onto the bottom beyond easy removal. I have 110kbtu per bbl as a rule of thumb, the question is, will that direction under it cause scorching. I am worried if its not spread out it may be a problem. I did however find a manufacturer of the burners and it may be possible to have them help me from that standpoint. I also considered just using bendable lam wood and pouring a mould of concrete but I need to look into what to use. I know pizza ovens use specific stuff because of cracking issues from swelling when heated. I have seem prulho stills use fire brick which was my first idea. I was going to just set them on a forforklift able metal pallet and lay a slab on it and build it from there,. In the rare even that it needed to bemoved, it would be possible with ease.

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