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Regulations on aging.


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I was under the impression that whiskey is to be aged at least two years. There are two whiskeys on the shelf near me that are not. One is a single malt whiskey that has the aging statement bearing "Aged one month" The other had the statement "Aged 3 months" Both are Oregon products. So is it that if you have this statement you can go around the 2 year minimum aging requirement?

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Hi Stillwagon,

It's so confusing, I'm amazed consumers ever know what they're buying! You're probably thinking of Straight whiskey, which does have to be in oak for a minimum of 2 years, and if it's in less than four, must state the age on the label. For everything you ever wanted to know about age statements, take a look at chapter 8 of the Beverage Alcohol Manual (BAM) here:

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