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Assistant Distiller

Brandy Whiskey

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I am eager to expand my knowledge and learn from a mentor that shares my passion for distilling. I’m looking for full time and long term position as an assistant distiller. My long term goal is, mastery of my art and the skills to create signature spirits. Please feel free to email emilydistiller@gmail.com or call (831) 239-3094 for more information.


Assistant Distiller 5/01/12 – Present (1 year 5 months)

  • Execute distillations and fermentations
  • Produce peated single malt whiskey and absinthe
  • Guide distillery tours
  • Promote distillery at whiskey conventions and tastings


Fermentation and Infusion

  • Barley peat smoking
  • Sour mashing for optimal pH
  • Starting and monitoring fermentations
  • Infusion of herbs for absinthe


  • Beer stripping runs for low wines
  • Distilling of spirit-runs
  • Making heads and tails cuts by taste and alcohol-by-volume (abv)

Aging and shipping

  • Barrel charring and coopering
  • Bottling, labeling, and packaging orders
  • I carry 3000lbs of grain in 50lb bags bi-weekly (I am a small woman but very strong)


Cabrillo College, Biology Major 12/21/2015

Flinders University, Fine Arts, 2006


· Kayaking

· Hiking

· Gardening

· Argentine Tango

· Rock climbing

· Skeet and trap

Thank you and have a great day,


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