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Yields question


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Can anyone give a breakdown of yields?

Figuring you are making bourbon and your ferm comes off at 10% abv

If you load your still with a known amount (ex. 100 gal ) out of your ferm tanks what amount of low wines should you yield on the stripping run?

What yield on your finishing run, again loading with a known amount (ex. 100gal low wines)


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Fairly simple math problem.

100gal @ 10% = 10gal @ 100% (pure ethenhol, which can't happen)


20gal @ 50% average, overall final yield

40gal @ 25%

80gal @ 12.5%

Although you can't get 100% extraction you should be in the ballpark with those figures.

To be more precise you'll lose another 3% from not being able to extract it all in the first place. And that's why you run the tails in the next batch.

And it doesn't matter if it's bourbon, vodka, rum, etc. alchohol is all the same.

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Little off topic, from the OP...

Why don't we worry about the yeilds before the mash has been fermented? I mean once it is there, there isn't much that changes through the distillation and concentration...

What about yeilds from the grain? / Efficiency in the starch extraction?

Efficiency of your starch conversion to sugar?

Efficiency of your sugar fermentation into alcohol?

Those might be better yeilds questions to ask...



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I really do love Specialty Enzymes GL. Its the only chance I have had at improving yields from the starch conversion point of view. I was adding corn syrup and bringing up the alcohol content to around 17% using a Red Star Dady. I am trying to go to an all grain mash bill and SEBamyl GL is the only thing that has given me a chance at it getting above 8%.

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